Virtualized Infrastructure

Build a flexible and manageable infrastructure by virtualizing your servers and desktops, and building an hybrid cloud

Migrating Your Servers to the Cloud

We can guide you in selecting the right cloud services for your need, and configurating your account using best practices, including monitoring, logging, security, compute, storage, database, backups, firewalls, networking, and identity. 

We can deploy a complete monitoring solution that detect errors and abnormal behaviour and that can trigger automation to revert to good state and also alert you. We can also help you configure your servers and automate their maintenance through code.

We can build a data migration plan. where some or all your servers are continuously or intermittently replicated to your cloud account. You can confidently test your infrastructure before completing the migration.

We can design a catalog of commonly used server types  that your  users can quickly deploy when they need them, reducing your burden in hardware installation. We can also build software that launches servers automatically based on business logic and hardware utilization.

Virtualizing Your Desktops

By building an image of standard desktop with all the required applications installed, you can speed up new employees onboarding by simply launching instances of that image. There is no need to provision, install, and manage hardware.

The data drive of each desktop can be automatically backed up on a schedule, allowing you to quickly restore user data in case of corruption and user error. This process is entirely automated and can save you a lof of time.

Virtual desktops inherit group policies from a domain controller and automatically install Windows update while the user is inactive. Knowing that your desktop fleet is up-to-date will bring you peace of mind.

By having your desktops run in the cloud, with automated backups, and images to rebuild them, you can rest assured that it is much more difficult to disrupt your business operations or comprise your corporate data.

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