Single Sign-On and Identity

Deploy an integrated solution where your employees, suppliers, and customers can login with a single set of credentials

Workforce Identity

We can help you build a universal directory that contains all your users and groups. We can also store the directory in the cloud and synchronize it with your on-premises Active Directory.

We can help you integrate with third-party solutions so that your users only have to login once, and can access any authorized services without having to enter their credentials again.

We can help you secure your organization’s data by requiring multi-factor authentication for all or a few users. For instance, MFA could be an authentication app, a SMS sent to your mobile, or a hardware MFA device (e.g. Yubikey).

We can also help you integrate different systems with APIs, and setup automated provisioning and deprovisioning rules to ensure that you only have to create and delete users in a single authoritative directory.

Customer Identity

SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) and OIDC (OpenID Connect) are standards used for authorization and authentication where a user is granted access to a system by logging in to a trusted remote provider (e.g. Google, Facebook)

We can help you create a passwordless login experience, where customers can login to your system by requesting a login link, and clicking on the link they received by email.

We can help you setup roles and policies to ensure that your customers have the necessary permissions to perform actions on your systems.

We can help you integrate with SSO providers to centrally manage your users and implement strict password and MFA policies.

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