Multi-Cloud Strategy

Build a complex multi-cloud architecture that uses both public and private clouds to increase resilience and agility.

Using Private and Public Clouds

By combining multiple public and private clouds, you can build an infrastructure that can withstand the loss of an entire cloud provider. This allows you to build an architecture that is fault-tolerant and that can re-allocate workloads to a different infrastructure if a problem arises.

The services offered by each public cloud provider are complementary, and not identical. By combining the best services, you can build a state-of-the-art infrastructure that can’t be reproduced otherwise.

Multiple clouds can also help organizations with strict security or compliance requirements. You can create strong tenant isolation, comply with data residency laws, and benefits from the best security practices of multiple providers.

Public cloud providers have access to a bandwidth capacity that most entreprises are not able to have on their own. By using multiple providers, you are able to build a resilient, fast infrastructure that can move your data quickly.

The Benefits of a Multi-Cloud Strategy

We can help you build an infrastructure that is cloud-agnostic, allowing you the flexibility to build, test and deploy your applications on different clouds. This minimizes the risk of vendor lock-in.

The combination of different providers can reduce the latency to your datacenters and to your end users. This ensure that you have access to a very large network of points of presence and have very low latency.

Using both a public and a private cloud gives you the flexibility to build and test an application in-house and deploy it quickly to a large infrastructure for production. You can agility and the ability to innovate faster.

By using muiltiple providers, you are able to better compare prices and select from each provider the services that provide the best cost-benefit.

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