Application Modernization

Modernize your legacy applications to improve their manageability and align them with your business goals.

Modernizing your Legacy Applications

We can help you rewrite your application using a series of independent and loosely-coupled microservices, that can be deployed in containers and scale independently. This ease the management of the software stack, because it breaks a large monothic code base into smaller parts.

Serverless is a new execution model where your code runs on a fleet of containers managed by a cloud hosting provider. The advantage is that it can scale horizontally to meet demand and that you only pay for the compute usage you have used, removing the need to pay for idle resources.

We can help you build cloud native applications that can be quickly deployed, and can run with almost infinite storage and compute. By integrating with the tools available on the cloud, you can iterate much faster and gain flexibility and agility.

You can also help you expose data and functionality on your existing applications through APIs. This can also you to connect your legacy and modern applications together, and automate your processes by connecting with external systems.

Building a Scalable Deployment Pipeline

Kubernetes is a container orchestration system that can be used to automatically deploy containers on available hosts. It also supports auto-scaling, load balancing, and can replace containers if the application or server fails.

Blue green deployments are an advanced deployment scenario where a new application version is deployed to a small subset of nodes first to make sure it works, before being deployed on all nodes. This minimizes deployment errors and can quickly catch any unexpected errors.

We can help you design your infrastructure as code, by specifying the desired configuration, and then applying it. We have experience with Terraform, Ansible, Chef, and Puppet. By defining your infrastructure as code, you can add it to your version control and quickly revert back if a problem arises.

We can also help you define a deployment pipeline where your code is automatically tested after being pushed to a repository, then compiled into a docker container, and finally deployed on a development or live cluster all automatically.

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