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Every company is becoming a technology company. We work with you to design and implement a multi-year roadmap so you can use technology to maximize your business objectives.

Technology is moving at an exponential rate. We are a team of cloud architects, software developers, and business professionals that will guide you in designing and implementing your technology roadmap.

IT Roadmap Development

Companies and governments know they have to adopt technology to remain efficient and relevant in an increasingly competitive space. But unless you are a technology company, it is very difficult to know which technologies you should choose, and how to implement them with your existing solutions to improve your business objectives.

This is where a partner like Attrava can really help you. We have a team of professionals with years of experience of both the business and technology side. We can sit down with you to understand where your organization wants to go, the challenges it currently has. We can then create together a comprehensive multi-year roadmap that defines what technologies your organization should use, how that technology would fit in the overall picture, as well as the steps needed to implement it to maximize its benefits.

Cloud as a Competitive Advantage

Cloud computing is one of the most, if not the most, important technological development in the last decade. It allows organizations to decouple their need for technology from the underlying hardware required to run that technology. In simple terms, it allows businesses to access an almost infinite amount of computing power with the click of a button, while the underlying hardware is managed by the cloud provider. This allows organizations to do things that were simply not possible 10 years ago.

For instance, a company could launch thousands of servers to run a machine learning model on the data it collected from its point-of-sale terminals. The entire dataset can be analyzed in just a couple of hours instead of weeks. Another company can automatically replicate its infrastructure in California if its primary infrastructure in Virgina becomes unresponsive. And it doesn’t even have to pay for the backup infrastructure until it needs it. The cloud can allow businesses to deploy virtual desktops for employees in minutes, or backup critical data with almost infinite storage.

The real advantage of the cloud is the agility and flexibility it provides. If it is used properly, it can be a real competitive advantage. But the cloud comes with added complexility. Attrava is a team of certified solutions architect on major cloud providers that can give your business a competitive edge by using the cloud to its full potential.

Custom Applications for Integration and Automation

As businesses grow, they often end up with various disconnected systems and error-prone manual processes. Attrava can help your business by creating custom software that integrates the various systems together and that automates the repetitive tasks. We have a team of software developers with an expertise in integrations and APIs to help you develop a customized solution to meet your business objectives.

We can also help your organization integrate with third-party software providers. For instance, we can help you integrate your accounting system with a third-party payment provider or subscriptions management provider to automate your receivables. We can also help you automate the migration of data between systems, or its replication to another data center.

Data Collection and Business Intelligence

As we enter the information age, data is becoming the new currency. We have technical expertise in machine learning and big data systems to help you design and implement an infrastructure to understand your data. We can help you design a system that first aggregates the data in a data lake, that pre-processes it and runs distributed machine learning workflows to extract patterns, and insights.

By aggregating your data in a single place, you can start to see things that were not obvious before. You can start clustering your customer behaviours, provide better recommendations, predict how a new product will perform based on a small study group. Attrava can help you add business intelligence to your data.

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