Cloud and AI Architecture

The cloud and artificial intelligence are key building blocks in any technology stack. We have deep expertise in both and will help you design, deploy, and maintain your infrastructure.

Building any complex piece of software or infrastructure requires careful planning. We help you design and implement a complex architecture to meet your business goals.

Modern Application Architecture

A modern application is easily maintainable, can be scaled to adjust to demand, is driven by a myriad of events, is resilient to failure, and provides agility and flexibility. We can help you design and build such application, either through a serverless model, or through containers running on Kubernetes. We also have extensive experience with monitoring, continuous deployment, infrastructure as code, and configuration management to make your project a success.

Hybrid Cloud Architecture

The cloud is the perfect solution for disaster recovery and business continuity scenarios. We help you architect an infrastructure that spans multiple regions and datacenters and that can automatically adjust to failure. We can also connect different cloud providers with your on-premises environment to create a unified solution.

Big Data Ingestion and Analytics

The large compute capacity provided by the cloud makes it a prime candidate to analyze the data generated by millions of devices. We will help you deploy a big data cluster that can ingest incoming data, store it in a data lake and/or a data warehouse, and then analyze it to extract insights. We also help you build dashboards so you can understand what your data really means.

Artificial Intelligence

We have experience deploying complex neural networks with Pytorch and Tensorflow in production. We can help you design computer vision models, NLP models, recommendation systems, or any predictive models that can be trained with enough data. We can then help you deploy those models on a fleet of containers to make predictions in near real-time.

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