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Is the cloud expensive?

No. The cloud provides a lot of benefits that are not possible with physical servers, so we need to be careful when comparing costs. For instance, benefits of cloud computing also include 1) flexibility (quickly experimenting new ideas), 2) scalability (adding servers to match demand), 3) business continuity (automatic replication in another region), 4) security (securing physical access and certifications). Moreover, with containers and platform-as-a-service, an increasing number of responsibilities are being shifted to the cloud provider, reducing the IT costs that would have to be incurred for an on-premise solution. Finally, the scale of cloud providers allows them to offer cost-effective solutions that would be hard to replicate in a single datacenter.

Even though the cost of a virtual machine might be more than the cost of buying comparable hardware, the cloud shifts a lot of the costs and burden to the provider, and provides benefits that are not possible using an on-premise solution.

Which cloud providers do you support?

We work with the 3 major cloud providers, namely AWS, Azure, and GCP. We currently have certifications for AWS and Azure.

Can I get a free assessment?

Yes, you can contact us to get a free assessment of your current situation and how we can help you achieve your business needs.


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